Monday, March 28, 2011

Why The Meatpacking Area Sucks Now

Once upon a time in the Meatpacking district you could buy a fresh from the oven bagel, smack cream cheese on it and watch transvestite hookers shake their franks & beans on the corner as you ate the hot, gooey mess. These days the bagel place is gone and the hookers are replaced by “Sex And The City” type girls, wobbling out of some overpriced restaurant in high heels that they can’t walk in.

New York as a whole has changed. Gone is the sleaziness of what New York was all about. Tourist with bad jeans use to mess up your walking pace mainly in midtown; now they have descended downtown like locus in search of a Bible prophecy.

With the World Trade Center tragedy came lookie loos asking where downtown was, and if they could walk to the WTC from 42nd street.

In 1900, Gansevoort street was home to 250 slaughterhouses and packing plants, but by the 1980s, it had become known as a haven for drug dealing and prostitution, particularly transsexuals. Concurrent with the rise in naughty sexual activity, the sparsely populated industrial area became the city's burgeoning sex clubs home base. Now you can pay $40 bucks for a hamburger, in the 80s $40 bucks would have gotten you whipped and humilated; pretty much how you feel when you pay $40 bucks for a hamburger.

Beginning in the late 1990s, the Meatpacking District went through a transformation. High-end boutiques catering to retail snobs and hipsters opened. By the 2000s, area restaurant institutions like Fleurent, and bars like Hell were closed due to the new fancy boutiques jacking up the real estate. In their places restaurants popped up like hives in the spring. Most of them closed after six months; soon followed by other shitty, trendy food joints that filled young tourist's appetite for what they thought was New Yorkness.

As of 2012, the Meatpacking area is packed with over dressed people from out of the city; all trying to live their “Sex And The City” experience. Any Manhattan people I asked said they gave up going to eat in Meatpacking years ago. Now that the Highline has opened residents like myself never use it, with all the tourist groups getting "wet" walking on the highrise sidewalk with flowers and bushes; what kills me is, most of these toursit come from places with great parks and land, and this gets them hot and interested?

I do like the cleanness of the area now, but I miss the dose of realness that once was. Goodbye urine smell; I don’t really miss you, but somehow you we’re better than cheap perfume that fills the air now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Glenn Beck: Japan Earthquake ‘message’ From God

   Fox News blabber Glenn Beck threw a hissy fit yesterday, speculating why God was making Japan suffer horrible earthquakes.

“I’m not saying God is, you know, causing earthquakes,” the conservative Crybaby sniffed on Monday’s show. But Beck added that he’s “not not saying that, either.”

Beck went on to suggest if we followed the Ten Commandments; there wouldn't be such a things as earthquakes, tornado's or The Kardashians sisters hogging up TV with their witchy faces.

Why do conservatives always jump on the "Gods Wrath" bull every time something horrible happens to our
planet? (Earthquakes are actually common and happen under the sea about once a week) it’s a way to make simple minded people believe that they can be punished if they don't follow everything Mr. Beck preaches. So Mr. Beck will speak for God and if you don't agree with him you'll suffer death, pain and more romantic movies starring Kate Hudson.

After Haiti’s devastating earthquake, televangelist and frozen faced Pat Robertson said that the disaster was sent to punish the country for what he believed was its “pact to the devil.” The Christian Broadcasting Network later said that the minister’s comment was supported by the research of “countless scholars and religious figures” who have come “to believe the country is cursed.” What a dumb prick.

I remember when AIDS was "God’s Punishment" for gays having the nerve to be happy and celebrating the rainbow. People who believe in Mr. Beck or any monster who speak like this; when millions of people have died, should be sent to live on a deserted island. They should be very happy together. I'll pay for Mr. Beck's ticket; one way!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Should Adopted Children Be Put To Sleep?

Angelina Jolie is a famous adoptive mother before She and Brad Pitt had thier own children; sadly manychildless couples still refuse to adopt children in need; thinking they are broken in some way.

   I was having cocktails with a friend recently, ‘Beth’ has been trying to conceive for the last seven years with her husband, and still hasn’t been able to lay any eggs. Beth will be turning 41 soon. With vodka breath I asked her what her other friends and family didn’t dare ask her. “Why don’t you adopt?” Beth reacted like I asked her if she use to be a man.

   Beth ordered more booze from our dim bartender. Once the drinks hit the counter Beth’s switch was set to on. “I would never adopt; you don’t know where there from, who dropped them off and why.” I was mad at Beth, I understood her worry but it’s not like she would just drive up to the clinic and grab a kid by the pig tails and take them home. Adoption is a long and sometimes tedious situation.

   Adoptive children are special because they are not just born; they are chosen-like a scarf on sale at the Gap; I joke but many adoptive children face prejudice from people; some ignorant people believe that adoptive kids are broken; not true-though some are problematic with emotional issues due to being treated like dogs from their birth parents. Most adoptive children can be loving and crave the affection of someone giving a damn about them.

   It’s too bad Beth and her husband will never get the happiness that a loving and needy child could give them. What Beth doesn’t know is that I myself am adopted; and off course I had issues growing up, but my mother always told me I was the most important person in her life, and no matter what, she loved me like I came from her belly.

   So if you ever thought of having kids, and can’t; look into adoption; it’s amazing what you can see when your eyes are fully open.