Friday, March 28, 2014

Martina Navratilova; from butch to Bravo Star with NEW face.

Martina Naratilova's new face.
Its has-been time over at ABC as the comically titled “Dancing With The Stars” starts a new season. As usual grade F stars dance the "Jitter Bug" with all the grace of Jell-O on a moving train.

A couple of seasons back Martina Navratilova showed up with her stunning new look. Usually the Birkenstock’s loving-light hearted Lesbian has favored no make-up and the haircut of a five-year-old.

Now the butch legend has reappeared with shocking plastic surgery that’s made the former rough around the edges tennis player, look like one of the housewives on the Bravo channel.

Martina's old face.
Why Navratilova has given up her flannel for Spanx is a good question. No matter the reason the former tennis legend shined on a dismal looking season of the aging show (Last week’s season premiere was an all-time low for the series)

Now sexy and stunning, Navratilova was one of the few to crawl away from the campy TV show with dignity and joints intact.

Sader than fat free pudding, Navratilova was the first person to get the boot from DWTS when she was on, But no matter, with her stunning new look she’s proved you can be hot at 57-years-old; which in my opinion means she’s already a winner.