Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vera Wang 63, Moves in Boyfriend, 27, Weeks After Divorce.

Fashion maven Vera Wang has tongues wagging and for once it’s not because of her designer wedding duds. Just two weeks after news that she’s divorcing her husband of 23 years. The 63-year-old Wang has moved in her 27-year-old boyfriend, Olympic champion figure skater Evan Lysacek.

Wang has two daughters, ages 22 and 20, which has some gossips suggesting that Wang should get her legs sewed shut; since she’s old enough to be the skater’s mom.

Other gossips suggest Lysacek is gayer than a
candle sale at Pottery Barn, and is just using the famous-just-for-wedding-dresses designer, to get his sequin pants leg back into the media’s attention.

Playing house is fun.

Friends of Wang fear she’ll get hurt, if it turns out Lysacek just wants to talk pastels and admire Wang, like West Hollywood admires Lady Gaga, and not rock her world on top of her “Simply Vera, Vera Wang 800-Thread Count Sheet Set, now on sale at

In fashion everything goes, contemporaries like Calvin Klein have been paying for young men for years (his most recent one, Nick Gruber, 22, had to be sent to rehab by kinky Klein; who can’t seem to keep his Calvin’s on) So why shouldn’t Wang be able to sample some of the young stuff; since men have been doing it for years?

If Lysacek doesn’t turn out to be as straight as spaghetti, I’m sure Wang’s Moo shu pork won’t go unattended for long; when you’re rich there’s always a cascade of young bucks, that will love turning her out; as long as she dresses them-to go out.

Calvin Klein and Nick Gruber