Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Melanie Griffith’s Crazy Bad Plastic Surgery.

Many people are gossiping at various hair salons in the waiting area about Melanie Griffith’s horrid plastic surgery; what the hell went wrong with her face?

Griffith, 55, who looks years older--resembles Tori Spelling’s mom, Candy, at this point, and seems to look worse-for-wear every-time she’s photographed, and many are buzzing that’s she’s addicted to cosmetic surgery.

Griffith, who is most famous for her 1980’s movie, “Working Girl” and being the wife of actor Antonio Banderas has tried to resurrect her career in the past years, and many whisper that it’s partially due to her messed-up looking plastic surgery.
Griffith, has never admitted to plastic surgery but Stevie Wonder could tell she’s had work done.

“Most people are telling me I look horrible,” she admitted early this year after getting nasty Tweets.

We’re all getting older, and it’s a joke that men can get away with being bald and having a big gut, and somehow they’re still deemed attractive by most of the public, but when women get older and known for their beauty, life for many of them crumbles. Obviously Griffith has gone overboard with lips and cheek injections; why the hell doesn’t she have a good friend to tell her this stuff? Maybe her friends look just as bad.
Whatever plastic surgeon did this to her should have his or her license revoked; let’s just hope Griffith can lay of the procedures and let her face go back to the chick with the wispy voice we all use to love.

There is nothing wrong with getting some stuff done to your face; but if you look like you’re starring as "the creature" of a Horror movie; then it’s time to quit the shit.

Below right, is how Griffith use to look.