Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family Sue State & Bullies Who Teased Son Until He Hung Himself.

Little 12-year-old Joel Morales tried to go to school like other little boys and girls but he stood out. He was a small framed boy, who was very short for his age, stuttered, had problems with motor skills and was prone to anxiety attacks; in the end he was a perfect target for bullies. His torture only ended after he hung himself in his parents bathroom.

Even after the Morales family complained to the Board of Education, nothing was done. When the school finally moved Joel Morales to another nearby school, the bullies from the old school would just wait until little Joel got out of school, and still abused him.

I hate most people who sue, and find people who do; money hungry or vendetta crazy when they take people to court, but obviously I believe the Morales family should sue the board of Ed and the little monsters who tortured little Joel on a daily basis. I want these kids who abused him to pay, and the board of Ed to do a better job of protecting our kids when they go to school, because if kids aren’t safe at school, then where would they be safe?
Also the Board Of Ed will fine you and threaten parents with jail if you don’t send your kids to school; so if they can’t protect kids like Joel, why send them to school?     

I was like little Joel; I was poor and teased, spit on, punched, and laughed at by the animals who graced New Jersey schools. No teacher ever tried to help me, and my last day of school was when a new guard said he was going to rape me after calling me a faggot. If I knew what I know now, I would sue the school, and the little monsters who made my formative years hell. I wish I could have told Joel, that It Does Get Better, there are people who will love him, and not treat him like garbage.

Hopefully little Joel didn’t kill himself in vain; maybe people only listen when you hit them where it hurts; the pocketbook.



Monday, August 26, 2013

First Comes Gay Marriage; Then Comes Gay Divorce.


“Glee” actress and lady lover Jane Lynch, 53, got married to Dr. Lara Embry in Massachusetts in 2010. In July 2013, the pants-suit loving Star filed for divorce from Embry, bragging that their breakup is "not dramatic," adding, "It's not a horrible thing. It's two people who just decide it's better to go apart than stay together."

But there was something fishy, and now Embry has given Lynch the finger by demanding through the courts that Lynch should pay her attorney fees and also cough up monthly spousal support. What went wrong? Did they get married because they loved each other? Or did they get ticked off by morons telling them they couldn’t get married, and felt they’d “show them.”

That a doctor like Embry should ask for spousal support is interesting; it’s not like she’s working at Dunkin Donuts; it really shows that she’s bitter about something.
Being a couple has its ups and downs, sometimes things and some people are just not meant to be. It will be interesting to see how things go with gay marriage in another 10 years; when most gays will actually give more thought about spending the rest of their life with the same person; something tells me if Lynch has to pay up, many gays with money will learn to have a prenup before the walk down the lavender aisle.

The first gay couple, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson to get legally married, soon filed for divorce last year after being together for over 40 years. Was it because they were pressured into getting married, and trying to prove to a hostile world, that they too had the right to have their love & commitment recognized by law? I don’t think so, they’re marriage ended because they couldn’t be together anymore. Gay or straight; we’re all alike after all.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Justin Bieber: Naked In Front Of His Granny; File This Under; Gross.

Justin Bieber, 19, can't keep his clothes on, and seems to be in competition with Lady GaGa when it comes to dropping panties for any reason, and a lot of young girls are popping their hymens while eye-balling the sassy, little teenage dreams pictures.

What's really gross is Bieber got naked in front of his grandma; here's the scoop; pictures courtesy of TMZ.

The Bieb's was home for Thanksgiving, and staying at his grandmother's place. As the family gathered over a table of turkey and all the trimmings, Bieb's was still sleeping off Lord-knows-what, but as he awoke around 2 or 3 in the afternoon in his best jammies, he thought it would be "funny" to knock on granny's door, butt naked and singing with a  guitar.

Everyone was said to laugh at the "prank" because they like Biebers fame and money. Granny was overheard by a family member later in the day,  remarking, "I thought I'd get a turkey leg for Thanksgiving, and all I saw was giblets."

Of course I want to know; what pervert shot the photos, and worse yet, sold them to TMZ? Also I love that he shows his bare butt, with God's picture on his back leg; talk about weird!

Who knows what Bieber will do, or take off next, but a world full of teenage girls and older gay men will be waiting with a bottle of Rite Aid lotion, watching.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Splash Bar To Close After 22-Years On Sunday.

The end of Splash bar happens this Sunday.
When I heard Chelsea’s Splash bar would be turning off their smoke machine as of this Sunday; I felt sick to my stomach (just how I felt watching the second season of “Girls”) and though I live right down the street from Splash; I never go anymore, but fondly remember how it was. Years ago, long before online hook-up sites and gay bars that had clean bathrooms; Splash was the shit.

Splash is the place where I met many of my boyfriends, friends and enemies. It’s also the place where I had my last fist fight. When Splash opened in 1991, being gay was scary in many ways. AIDS was still robbing our community of famous and everyday people. Splash celebrated beauty, health and what we all needed at the time, good old fashioned fun. With its surf boards as counters and buff (often straight) muscular men showering as you gulped down your two-for-one drinks. Splash was a great place to go, to be gay, and let the stress of your work day fade away. Often on weeknights, my friend John and I would go and have a drink after work; followed by laughs; drinks and more laughs.

About a month ago, my buddy Frank and I went to Splash on a Sunday night. At the door they we’re charging $10 dollars to get in; and I really couldn’t see the point of paying and told Frank we should go somewhere else; a manager type guy walked over, and looked us up and down and said to the cashier, “these two can get in for free.” Feeling cuter than a set of twins with pigtails, we strutted in knowing this would be the night we would meet our future husbands; because we we’re “working it.” And as hot as hell.

Once inside, some of the same bartenders we’re working; the smoke machine was pumping and go-go boys we’re letting fools grab their junk for a buck. But this wasn’t the Splash bar of my youth; now the bar was filled with “Bridge & Tunnel” types who we’re sweaty and wasted. There wasn’t one looker in the joint! And for a huge bar with two floors-maybe there was 35-40 customers; not good. Now I see why they let us in for free; compared to that crowd of beef shank; we were two medium rare Fliet Mignons ready for the plate. Frank and I get our share of looks, but if we're the hottest at a gay bar; that's never a good thing.

So like my Abercrombie & Fitch printed T-shirts I gave up when I got into my 30’s, Splash will be a fond memory of my youth.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kitten Set On Fire In April, Survives; Meet Justin.

In the fourth month of 2013, a cute five-week-old kitten, now named Justin, was doused with gasoline and set on fire and left to die on a lonely Philadelphia sidewalk by an unknown person or persons, or as I would put it; an unknown piece of garbage.

Many people watched the poor baby suffer but did nothing until a woman saved the badly burned feline. Little Justin was left with second-and third degree burns all over his small body and many thought he should just be put to sleep.

Luckily Justin had the Animal Alliance of New Jersey to help him recover, and through various donations, we’re able to perform the surgeries to remove most of the charred skin and help Justin with his recovery.

Last month Justin was released from the pet hospital, and soon adopted, and is doing very well. Though Justin’s ears are burned off, and he’ll have some slight medical problems for the rest of his life; his new mom, Kelley, has said his hair has grown back, and that he has just learned to walk up and down the stairs and is doing better every-day.

The police still have no clue who the pig, or pigs we’re who tried to kill a helpless baby. Hopefully if karma is real, someone will set them on fire and leave them to suffer and die, just like they did to Justin.

For more on Justin’s recovery, check out his new Facebook page: Justin, fire survivor.

 The last two shots are of Justin now; looks like a happy cat.