Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to Survive FALL, Gracefully.

Well it’s here, the end of summer and I still can’t believe another year is almost half over. I’m not ready for Santa Claus and his damn reindeer, and I hope he chokes on his North Pole.

When spring came I had so many hopes, dreams and visions of a clean closet, and it’s all been swallowed down like a chug of Pepto-Bismol; straight from the bottle.

This was the summer I was going to lose those pesky 10 pounds; become famous; and finally meet a man who doesn’t run when he realizes he’s in a relationship.

Well I lost 10 pounds, but soon turkey, pumpkin pie and chocolate foiled balls will fix that. I had a summer love that was over by September 2 after he checked his calendar I think, screw him, and I’m still not famous except at my gym; for singing Jay-Z on the treadmill.

I’ll miss my summer clothes and walks outside, the beach and how New York smells like urine in the summer; some of it animal, some of it human.

But I am happy, and at peace and grateful for everything I have. In this age when people post their every move from eating-to-farting-to-walking on Facebook, I’m content with my life. I want more and will get it but I’m not overly consumed with my mistakes and things I don’t have; I’m happy to be healthy (if not in mind) and ready for my next adventure; plus by next summer (hopefully) George R. R Martin will have finally released the new “Fire & Ice,” ‘Game Of Thorns’ book, and that will make me very happy indeed.