Monday, February 1, 2016

Why Are People Getting So Many Ugly Tattoos?

The evening was filled with laughter and plenty of alcohol. For a third date, things we’re really going well and I knew this was the night we would be making monkey love for the first time.
   Maybe he was, the one.

The lights were low at my place and we started to get busy as belts and shirts flew off. Instead of a body to die for I was confronted with a bric-a-brac of ugly tattoos. Here is some advice to people out there that put children or old people’s faces on their body; one does not want to stare at Grandma Mitzi’s overbite or look at the puss on little Mary-Lou when you’re trying to have sex.
    Listen, when tattoos are done well, they are hot, but when they are spelled wrong; have faces that would scare a mortician, or seems like their body looks like the wall at a rundown tattoo pallor; total turnoff. I wish people would be sober when they got a lot of these ugly tattoos; the world would be a prettier place.

   So why are people getting so many ugly tattoos? Because humans are stupid, and copy off people they see on the street or the internet instead of having some originality. These days when I see a guy without tattoos I think; he’s hot.

   Though now that I’m thinking about it. I want to put my money into a tattoo removal business. That is the business of the future.