Friday, March 28, 2014

Martina Navratilova; from butch to Bravo Star with NEW face.

Martina Naratilova's new face.
Its has-been time over at ABC as the comically titled “Dancing With The Stars” starts a new season. As usual grade F stars dance the "Jitter Bug" with all the grace of Jell-O on a moving train.

A couple of seasons back Martina Navratilova showed up with her stunning new look. Usually the Birkenstock’s loving-light hearted Lesbian has favored no make-up and the haircut of a five-year-old.

Now the butch legend has reappeared with shocking plastic surgery that’s made the former rough around the edges tennis player, look like one of the housewives on the Bravo channel.

Martina's old face.
Why Navratilova has given up her flannel for Spanx is a good question. No matter the reason the former tennis legend shined on a dismal looking season of the aging show (Last week’s season premiere was an all-time low for the series)

Now sexy and stunning, Navratilova was one of the few to crawl away from the campy TV show with dignity and joints intact.

Sader than fat free pudding, Navratilova was the first person to get the boot from DWTS when she was on, But no matter, with her stunning new look she’s proved you can be hot at 57-years-old; which in my opinion means she’s already a winner.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Madonna, Desperate For Attention Shows Underarm Hair.

Papa Don't Preach, but he should have!
With her last album (MDNA) a bitter memory (Amazon couldn't even keep it on the charts by selling it for $0.99 cents) Madonna, 55, has been releasing photos on Instagram in order to pollute people's minds to the fact that she's still around and kicking. Sadly people are talking about how desperate she is to get attention ( Very Lady Gaga, who has a crap album out now that fell off the charts weeks after it's release and has just put out a new video featuring Bravo's Botoxed Ho's, The Housewives Of Beverly Hills; now that really desperate! Video is cool but the song sucks.)
If Madonna would just put more effort into releasing a great album like she had back in the day; she wouldn't have to make a fool of herself online.

File this under attention-whore, and gross!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Everybody Is Crazy And So Are You.

First off everybody has a little cray-cray in them, and if you think you don’t; well, then you must be really nuts.
We live in modern times with major pressures and it’s enough to fry the brain of a perfectly normal person. If you live in New York you will find your patience tested on a daily bases. People will try to walk into a door you are exiting. Dates with men, who complain that, “they can’t find any good men in New York,” will cancel on you at the very time they we’re set to meet you. You will wait in line at a Starbucks restroom forever as the person before you treats it like their home bathroom.

It’s hard not to become bitter or depressed when dealing with constant frustrations on a daily basis. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, but wouldn’t it be nice if things were a little easier?

One has to have a thick skin when putting up with the assault of personalities that city life offers you. Many don’t make it and move away. Those that stay usually survive heavily medicated to ease the years of dealing with all the Fruit Loops that gather on the little island I call home. I think it’s good to realize you have a little crazy in you; as long as you don’t act out it can be a good tool to laugh off the drama of every-day life.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gabourey Sidibe Resembles Barney the Dinosaur at Oscars.

And come on, you can't dress an overweight person like Gabourey Sidibe in head-to-toe purple without thinking of Barney the dinosaur. "I love you, you love me!

I'm not being mean but come on! The sister was done wrong! And should fire her stylist!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Will Morgan Fairchild Play Mystery Woman On Revenge?

UPDATE! Thanks Revenge producers for listening!
Morgan Fairchild made her first appearance on "Revenge" on March 29th. Lets hope the smart producers will book her more and have her do something wicked!

When word came to me that there was a campaign to get Morgan Fairchild on ABC’S hit show “Revenge.”

I have to say I smiled. Fans of the 1980’s will remember Fairchild from roles in the TV series such as “Flamingo Road,” “Falcon Crest,” and “Paper Dolls.” plus countless movies, guest starring parts and in the mid 1980's was one of the first celebrities to go to Washington DC to lobby for AIDS research. Fairchild never loses her cool and you’ll never see her sweat in her most popular part when she plays a bitch.

 Google Morgan Fairchild MILF and you’ll get about 67,300 results, proving that Fairchild is on the minds of a lot of men (and women) and hasn’t lost her appeal after a certain age.

Did Morgan just enter the Gala?
Seeing Fairchild match wits on the fun; sexy; glossy hit TV show with number one bitch Madeleine Stowe, would surely melt the TV screens. Also the role calls for someone who can march around the Hampton’s like she owns the place, if creator Mike Kelly knows what he’s doing, he’ll hire Fairchild and turn up the air conditioner.