Monday, April 11, 2016

Men Who Lost Their Looks; It’s The Guys Turn To Be Judged.

Steven Tyler, Dude looks like a lady, and that lady ani't right.

The media is obsessed with women losing their youth and beauty and I'm bored with it. How many times have you read, “She’s gained weight,” or “She’s lost her looks.” Rarely do people talk about how many men have gotten old, fat and ugly. I know some men look better with age, blah, blah; well not all of them do.

Here are the studs that turned into duds; a hudsontayloryourmind exclusive.

Val Kilmer: Famous for “Top Gun” and “The Doors”; now looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


Arnold Swartzeneger: “My looks will be baack!” I don’t think so.


Warren Beatty: Was once hot and bedded many; now just wets the bed.

David Hasselholf is scary young or old; yikes, Puppies?
David Hasselholf: There was a time he could jog without his man-boobs hitting his knees.

Mickey Rourke: Once starred in 9 ½ weeks; now he looks like he’s been hit with 9 ½ 2x4’s.


John Travolta: Grease was once the word; now it’s served with gravy and biscuits.