Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fu*k you 2016! You sucked!

This year has truly been like the Twilight Zone. First, people voted, and Russia hacked voting machines, to help elect a rich, arrogant pig like Donald Trump to be out next president. Then my favorite 1980s' people, Prince, George Michael, and Carrie Fisher, all died too young.
I hope the New Year finds you all well. Life can be wonderful sometimes, and other times, you wonder if you can pull through. I wish you all hope, love, sass, and good luck for the New Year.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Is Anyone Else Sick Of The Struggle?

Most days are great. Most days are fine. But why do most of us feel like we’re always climbing a mountain with no end in sight?

There is always the struggle.

The struggle to get up.

The struggle to make money.

The struggle not to slap the latte out of that girl talking too loud on her phone.

The struggle to find work.

The struggle to love and be loved.

The struggle to be understood.

The struggle to smile and shut the fuck up.